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July 21st, 2008 No Comments

You fight until you are too beat up (or beat down) to continue fighting, and then you rest and heal. If you could only figure out that the longer you fight and push, the harder it is to walk away and begin healing. Stop fighting sooner, start healing sooner. Such is life.

In an email from Ginny (via laceymae) (via marjchun)

Resting and healing isn’t an easy process.  It involves accepting some defeat, reflecting on what went wrong, revealing to yourself what part you truly played in the fight, and assessing how the situation got so intense in the first place. More like beating yourself up…..BUT, from that journey, I believe you emerge a stronger person.

The final aspect is the hope that the other contender in the fight makes the effort to take the same steps.  If both people don’t participate in the resting and healing actively then the battle rages on.  Find peace for yourself and respect the feelings of your friend then you can remedy the situation.