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July 22nd, 2008 No Comments

Life’s Little Surprises: Part 2

(Did I get your attention with the picture? I’m the naked, fat guy in this scenario. And the girl walking on my back is over 18, and trained professionally.)

Tonight, I walked out of my house after a LONG day of conference calls to grab a quick bite and then straight to bed.  Let me tell you, that’s not what happened at all, and that’s why I love NYC.

Just as I sit down, I get a text from my friend Robert who’s driving uptown.  Despite the fact I tell him I look like shit and actually stink (from my steaming hot apartment), Robert joins me for al fresco dining. After dinner, we take a ride in his new Mini Cooper convertible and to enjoy the summer evening.  Meghan is no longer playing ping pong at SoHo House, so we brainstorm fun things to do.  Then I get the question “How do feel about paper underpants?” (See next post)  Ummmm….hadn’t really thought about it before, but what the hell.

Robert takes me to Osaka Spa, which seems small and a bit sketchy from the exterior on a quiet and now abandoned 46th Street.  But, walk inside, and it’s truly a hidden oasis. Wow.  Now this is what I need!  After a shower, flapping in the hot pool, dipping in the cold pool, a steam, and a sauna, I lay down for one of the best shiatsu massages I have ever experienced.  Not going to lie, it was rough, but something my body had been begging for.

Life’s unexpected surprises are coming at me from every angle today! This is what life is about. I’m a planner, but I also believe sometimes you have to let life happen, in work, in play, in relationships.  I want to believe there is a greater plan for me.  And all the shit that happens, it’s relevant.  But don’t get me wrong, I prefer these days.

Thanks for the breath of fresh air Robert.