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At the wedding on Saturday night

July 23rd, 2008 No Comments

Reblogged from Georgina:

Me: Do you think it’s too early to start limbering up?

Kristin: What for?

Me: To catch the bouquet

Me: Actually, I’m scared all the girls will stare at me and say to each other ‘We should let the old one catch it’.

For those who are unsure I was totally joking and just trying to scare the bejeebs out of John. It worked.


My best friend from college is getting married this weekend. I’ve attended at least three dozen ceremonies of high school and college classmates since graduation. Let me break it down for you –

Date: No

Cocktail: Yes

Date: No

Steak: Yes


Boyfriend: Not even close

Bouquet: If you believe in miracles

Boyfriend: No

Julia and Meghan: Yes

Life is good! Congrats Ali and Spencer.

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