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Dear Mary,

August 3rd, 2008 No Comments

Unfortunately finding a floral, summer dress will be a little more challenging than you would expect.  Now the summer sales are over, most stores are stocking up on fall clothes, which means heavy fabrics and darker colors are lining the racks.

However! On the hat front, I think I can help.  My mom’s store Encore! has an amazing selection of hats that would make your whole outfit. I will have her send pictures immediately.

So maybe we take a bright dress you own and pair it with a fantastic hat and shoes.  You’ve already got the pearls so we’re actually pretty close.

**Note: Different accessories can transform most ensembles to achieve the look you want.



I have to go to a wedding in London at the end of August for my best girlfriend from grade school, who is fantastically beautiful and well-dressed, and who has told me in no uncertain terms that I must “sartorially represent the Americans.” No pressure, right?? I cannot let her down.

Here are the details, straight from the bride’s keyboard:

Re: the wedding…. The service is at 4pm, so just barely a daytime wedding. It’s not black tie-I wanted the boys in morning suit (because it’s SO much sexier) so the dress code is british formal wedding which basically just means morning suit for guys and big hats for girls. Think ‘ascot day at the races’— hopefully summery type colorful (probably short) dresses with fabulous hats. The wedding colors are black, white, and lavender but of course wear whatever color your heart desires as long as it’s accompanied by a statement hat. :-) Oh, and it does get freezing here so bring something to cover up with in case it’s cold.




PS. Readers? If you have fantastic suggestions, I’m open to those too!