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August 9th, 2008 No Comments


Today at Fuse, the makeup artist loved my lip color, and used my combo (Cargo lipstick in Lindsay Lohan and Revlon gloss in Shine City) instead of one of the hundreds of choices from her kit.  Of course I said yes.  We removed all color completely and started from scratch.  SHE USED ALL OF MY PRODUCTS, BUT APPLIED THEM WITH A BRUSH. When I looked in the mirror, I had a whole new set of lips, like Georgina’s above: outlined perfectly with rich color.  CONCLUSION: IT’S NOT THE PRODUCT, BUT THE APPLICATION.  USE A BRUSH WITH ALL LIPSTICK AND GLOSS!

And of course, after you apply all glosses, do not rub your lips together or blot. The color will last longer.


I have a party tomorrow night and decided I wanted some new makeup for it.  Of course once I decide to do something I have no patience and must do it NOW.  So I went to Mac on my way home (which, btw, is dirt cheap in the U.S.) and got a full makeover.  I bought everything they used….even the eyeliner brush.

I strutted my way home thinking I looked uber glam.  Well, I strutted to about 55th St at which point I realized what an idiot I am.  Who goes and gets a full makeover with a professional makeup artist on the night she has a date with her couch and a takeout??  Why didn’t I do this tomorrow when I actually have a glamorous place to go with my new glamorous face.  John isn’t even home to appreciate it.

We’ve all been there George.  You look beautiful, by the way, and we appreciate it.  Have fun at the party tomorrow.

And…Mac,cheap, what??