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August 9th, 2008 No Comments

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had the below conversation.

Georgina, buy the bag!!!

Sell the shoes (on ebay, you seem to be familiar with that). 


The phone rang at ten to ten (cowboy time) this morning.  Mr K is under strict instructions not to call before 10am on weekends.  We put him on speaker phone.

Mr K: I know I am 10 minutes early but I just couldn’t wait any longer.  I need to know if you found the purple handbag.  Kristin wants to know too.

Me: No, I bought shoes instead.

Mr K: Yes I saw that.  You spend more money on stuff like that than I do on gas in a year.

After the phone call I went and retrieved my Mac to check my email.  A lovely reader of my blog, Jessica, had emailed me.  She found the purple handbag!  Now what to do?  I only bought the shoes last night because I knew I would never find the handbag. Sigh.