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August 12th, 2008 No Comments

Curious about what’s in Julia’s makeup bag?  Amber has every product detailed for you on her blog (link below).  Thanks Amber!

I’ll have the inside look in Meghan’s snake skin bag soon.  Honestly, it won’t take a minute.  She’s a natural beauty and usually just wears red lipstick to make her lips pop.  I AM JEALOUS!


Okay, ladies – every. single. beauty. trick. I use. is contained within the sweetly personable Amber Katz’s copious post on the subject for Beauty Blogging Junkie, her fabulous website about all things … uh … well, beauty.

Amber came over to my apartment yesterday and diligently took notes as I ran through my fairly extensive (and well-honed) list of tips / tricks / full out fakery. Hey, if I learned nothing else, over 500 tv appearances in the last three years with upwards of 200 professional makeup artists taught me how to properly apply – as my grandmother says – “my face.”

That said, I am not wearing makeup now and I am very content. Pendulum swings both ways!