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August 13th, 2008 No Comments

This album is really good! The R&B sound is captivating and hypnotic…it’s…sexy.  And with John Legend producing it, you know it’s unique. iTunes says, “she represents something fiercely current yet utterly timeless and her Shine is a true rarity: a female pop album as sophisticated as it is fresh.”

I’m looking up new songs for spin class tonight, and Estelle’s “American Boy” featuring Kanye is on the iTunes top 10.  First of all, a song with Kanye, no sh*t it’s on the top 10.  HOWEVER, the number one song is “Crush” by David Archuleta.  Last week on Fuse, we ripped this guy apart for selling out to the Pop dollar by sounding like a sobbing 12 year old girl.  His whine is even a little too mainstream for me (and I like Miley Cyrus).