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August 15th, 2008 No Comments

Mary just called me from a party, laughing hysterically. Apparently, this is the conversation she just had (BEST. AWKWARD. PARTY. CONVO. EVER.) –

Girl at Party: What do you do?

Mary: I’m a blogger. I work for myself.

Girl at Party: Just don’t be Julia Allison about it.

Mary [starts laughing]: Actually, she’s my business partner.

Girl at Party: Oh no, you’re not a part of NonSociety, are you?

Mary [laughs harder]: I’m one of the founders.

Girl at Party [turns to host, totally serious]: Who are you FRIENDS with??

Girl at Party: [drunken laughter] my best friend is James, he did NomSociety.

Mary: We love that video.

Girl at Party: Well, yeah, I love Gawker, oh shit, I’m sorry.

Mary: Have fun at your day job. Excuse me, I have to make a phone call.

I added a few more details. This chick was hysterical. She tried so hard to be nice, but she was too drunk to be strategic. It’s the best party conversation I’ve had in a long time! Rach, your birthday was the best!!

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