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August 15th, 2008 No Comments

I didn’t even have to ask!



I’ve been getting reader emails asking me about what makeup I wear. Honestly, I didn’t really start wearing makeup until this year and I only wear it during shoots with the girls. I have really sensitive skin, so most makeup gives me zits. The one thing, I always wear (much to my suitors dismay) is bright red lips, I like to call it ‘The Mark of the Megs’.

Here’s a list of the gucky stuff:

– MAKE UP FOR EVER Full Cover Waterproof Extreme Camouflage Cream: to hid those dastardly big scary zits

– COSMEDICINE Honest Face Skin Tint & Treatment w/ SPF 20: I’m not a big foundation girl I prefer a tinted moisturizer

– MAKE UP FOR EVER HD High Definition Powder: I LOVE this powder, it gives you a finished look and feels FRESH

– MAC Fluidline BLACKTRACK: Julia gave me this eyeliner tip; I’m still not very good at using the brush, most of the time I end up with Raccoon eyes (yikes!)

-YSL Mascara: It’s over 6 months old (yuck!): It’s worked for me so far, but I may need to buy a new one. If anyone can recommend a good mascara, feel free to email me; I’ll try it and blog about my experience. 

Now the good stuff (MY RED RED RED LIPS!!!!)

These are the goods I can’t live without: 

– Cherry Chapstick: I’ve used this FOREVER!

– LORAC Gloss Stick in Sheer Berry: The texture of this product is insane. Your lips literally feel like velvet. 

– NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Forbidden Red: There’s nothing left to say, except Aye-yi-yi!

My last tip of the evening is a slimy one that I recommend highly if your sleeping single and don’t mind the guck. 

Slather Vaseline on your face at night: it’s the best most moisturizing night cream. Your face will be a happy and ultra soft in the morning. Your pillowcase? Um- well that’s a whole other story (I’d advise to sleep on a towel).