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August 19th, 2008 No Comments

If for some reason you’re not enthralled in the story line of Mad Men, you will absolutely be captivated by the clothes.

I’m most envious of Betty (on the right).  In every scene, each outfit is perfectly constructed and uber femme. Even her jammies (silk nightgowns with a matching robe) are gorgeous.  It makes me wish I had somewhere to wear a fabulous gown like the one depicted above.  But back in those days, you didn’t need a reason.  In this scene, she’s just a dinner.  That might actually get a little annoying to get all gussied up just to enjoy a meal.

Last note: the makeup.  Everyone looks flawless, like zits didn’t exist back then.  And the lips! Oh their lips are brilliant! Bold and beautiful with liner that matches the lipstick exactly to make them jump right off of their pristine porcelain faces.