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August 20th, 2008 No Comments

The measure of a great relationship lies in it’s ability to handle breakdowns, not just in it’s ability to produce joy.

I posted this quote from Kyle King last month.  Your response was overwhelming and positive so I thought I would introduce you to the woman behind these insightful words.

Since I started Moe in 2005, I’ve had a career coach.  Although I didn’t click with my first one, I’ve always been a big believer in finding guidance outside of friends and family.

Kyle has been a lifesaver in these last couple of months helping Julia, Meghan, and I work through the challenges of being attached-at-the-hip friends and business partners.  Let me tell you, with three strong women, it’s not easy.

Kyle is not only a career coach, but also provides insight on how to better yourself personally.  I wouldn’t call her a shrink, you could I guess though.  For me, she affirms my self-confidence while also explaining how to focus on myself to solve problems instead of blaming others.  We all have a tendency to do it. 

At this point, there are several holes I see in my life, and I’m attempting to fill them with a fresh perspective. 

The best part about Kyle is that all of her workshops and discussions are done via phone for convenience in our hectic schedules.

Kyle isn’t a shoulder to cry on, she just shows you how to admire your own strength and use it to enhance your work.

I debated sharing this experience with you because you could throw it around a hundred different ways.  But if I have this challenge in my life, I know some of you do too.  And in the end, that’s my motivation in this blog.  You get my opinion that I hope HELPS (and makes you laugh every now and then), love it or hate it, take it or leave it.  Kyle is one I hope you take to heart.