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F***, Marry, Kill

August 20th, 2008 No Comments




For all the lady Tumblrs, or guys if you so choose, this little exercise is a Howard Stern show favorite.

Choose who to F***, who to marry, and who to kill out of these three:

  • Michael Phelps
  • Barack Obama
  • John Mayer

Tom, really Michael Phelps??

Here are mine: men -women

  • Gabriel Aubry or….Woody Harrelson? – Sienna Miller
  • Aaron Ekhardt – Jennifer Aniston
  • Martha Stewart – Rachel Ray

 *holding head in hands with pained expression*

  1. The premise of F***, Marry, Kill, is to only use the choices given.
  2. If I had meant to have it open ended I would not have given the 3 choices that I did. None of which by the way were meant to represent who I would have chosen if I had decided to lose my mind, let my imagination wander gay & then decide to blog it. Not. Gonna. Happen.  
  3. Umm, Mary? You are aware that Martha Stewart is in fact a woman?! It was confirmed when she was convicted and sent to prison.

Seeing that my first version was slightly sabotaged, I now submit to you a Tumblr centric version for Wednesday. I am throwing down the gauntlet for those who dare. My replies will come tomorrow after I smoke some peyote in seek of a vision: 

  • Mary Rambin
  • Julia Allison
  • Meghan Asha

Sorry to disappoint Tom, I’m new to the game.  Now not only have you explained the rules, but you’ve upped the stakes.  This should be interesting.  If it makes any difference, I’d kill me so my girls would be happy :)