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August 20th, 2008 No Comments

The Best of H-Town


Carrabba’s: Casual Italian food that never disappoints.  Go to the Kirby location for a more fun scene.

La Griglia’s: Good Italian, stuffy atmosphere, but it works.

El Tiempo: Decent Mexican with killer margaritas and an even better bar scene.

Ninfa’s: The Mexican is authentic and unique.  Be prepared to overindulge.

Mark’s: Deemed one of the crème de la crème of Houston, the spot everyone goes to celebrate, but not my favorite and really loud.

Del Frisco’s: The new hotspot for steak in LA.  But don’t forget to order a crab cake too.

Pappas Brothers Steak House: My favorite steak in Houston.  It’s a classic.  Honestly, anything that says Pappas on it is good.

Rickshaw: Delicious Japanese in an intimate setting.

Fish: Trendy Japanese in midtown.

Uptown Sushi: Expensive Japanese with food that almost covers the cost.  Honestly, don’t expect much from Japanese in Houston.

Spanish Village: Fun, fun, fun, but not great food, food, food.

Houston’s: Lunch or dinner, it’s always f-ing good.

Goode Company: Fucking good bbq.  Order the chopped beef sandwich with extra sauce on the side.  Don’t forget the Pecan Pie.

James Coney Island: No Houston review is complete without it.  I’m not a fan, but that makes me strange.  So if you’re jonsing for a chili cheese dog, this is your spot.

La Madeline: A French cafeteria that will surprise you.  Get the fat free Caesar salad, it’s delicious.  Actually, anything you order will amaze you.

Barnaby’s: One of my favorite breakfast and lunch spots.

Beck’s Prime: the best burger in Houston.  Try the Hickory burger with cheddar.

Wholefoods: I love picking up a bunch of small bites from their deli section.  Broccoli crunch is the bomb!

French House: VERY casual café in a strip center on Westheimer and San Felipe.  Most amazing chicken salad sandwich ever.

Mama’s Café: The ultimate old school diner with yummy comfort food and the best milkshakes.

New/Trendy/I have heard are really cool: Beavers, Shade, Tiny Boxwoods, Shade

Skip it! – Café Express, Whataburger, Texadelphia


Mugsy’s: 20 something’s acting too cool for school, but a god place to go with a group

Downing Street: When you feel like classing up your act, hit up this cigar bar for a martini.  It’s a hot spot for native Houstonians.

Lizards: For a down and dirty Jaeger shot or to just chill on the porch.

The Armadillo: It’s the oversized dive bar, but people love it.  Play pool, drink beer, and all that good stuff.

Red Door: A young and trendy scene in Midtown.

Max’s Wine Dive: Always packed, always fun, and good wine.

The Porch: A great place to hang out.

Woodrow’s: Best sports bar.  Just get there early for the Texas and LSU games.

Smith & Wollensky’s: It’s the cougar meat market of Houston while also being the most fun people watching.  You know you want to see what it’s about.

Sullivan’s: Right down the road is more meat market competition.

I’ve missed a few I know….There are some great new spots in Midtown I’ve missed, but they came up after I left.


Best of the Galleria: Neiman’s.  YSL (ask for Sharon).  Best makeover, go see Georgeann at YSL in Saks (she’s been my favorite makeup artist since high school).  Jimmy Choo.  That’s really it, for me.

Encore!: Of course I love my Mom’s store.  Designer brands resold at a HUGE discount.  Most of the pieces are a season or two old and still have the tags on them.

Tootsies: For upscale shopping, this is my favorite stop.  Brands I buy here: Pucci, Missoni, DVF, Ralph Lauren, Theory,  Maraquita Masterson, Kenneth J Lane, Rebecca Lankford, I feel like I left some out….

Trendy boutiques around town: Katia, Indulge, Muse, Kuhl Linscomb, Intermix

Fun finds on a budget: Marshall’s across the street from the Galleria, Sports Authority, Loehmann’s, Ross, TJ Max on Richmond, DSW on Dunvalle, Target, Katy Mills, Neimans outlet, San Marcus outlet (if you don’t mind the drive)

My Mom’s Favorite Resale/Thrift Stores:

The Guild Shop (Jewelry, Furniture, Kitchen Stuff),  2009 Dunlavy,  713/528-5095

The Blue Bird Circle ( Furniture, Clothes),  615 W. Alabama,  713/528-0470

Sunshine Resale Shop
(Kitchen, Sometimes Art),5407 Bellaire, 713/665-4000

Second Childhood ( Everything Kids),  1922 Fountainview, 713/789-6456

Designer Furniture Exchange (Furniture, Accessories), 5701 Richmond, 713/781-9394

Stuff That Might Not Occur To You

Memorial park for a 3 mile walk or jog, museums (art, science, it’s all at your finger tips), Transco tower for a picnic, Galveston for a weekend getaway, The Laugh Stop has really talented comedians visit, theater downtown,  dinner party at home (people forget they can do this)

Dog Boarding

Rover Oaks, Houston Dog Ranch, Happy Tails (recommendations per Kristen)