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August 21st, 2008 No Comments


I live right near Westerly Natural Market and I love it.  My Mum is always emailing me about various new health products to try.  She lives in Ireland so sometimes has a tough time trying to track this stuff down.  Me?  I just pop into the Westerley on my way home and get every health product I could possibly need.

They also have lots of good healthy snack food options (way better than those crappy cupcakes some people eat).  These Snowballs are hard to come by so when I spotted them today I immediately swept them into my basket.  They are from Glaser Organic Farms.  If you have a sweet tooth (I have sweet teeth) like me then you will love them.

I’m not sure about these snowballs, but they look much more appetizing than the green sludge Julia swears by from there.  Either way, I love this place and ALWAYS stop in for a healthy treat when I’m in the area.