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Please explain to me why Jenny reads by blog.

August 30th, 2008 No Comments

> > From: jenny

> Date: August 29, 2008 3:01:30 PM PDT

> To: mary@nonsociety.com >

“It figures that someone so VAPID would enjoy LA and hate Brooklyn. Have you ever even been to Brooklyn? There is far more history and culture in Brooklyn than LA or Manhattan, but figures that sorta thing would bore you. If it doesn’t involve shopping and some pretentious hang out, Mary hates it. BTW you have about ZERO sense of fashion. Just b/c you spend your daddy’s oil money on high end clothing doesn’t make you fashionable.  I wish you’d just shut up already and maybe eat something while you are at it. GROSS”

Apparently she doesn’t read it all the time because she would know I actually dislike cities in general and pretentious hangouts. Not to mention I eat constantly.

Vapid is a matter of opinion, so is fashion for that matter. Sorry you feel that way Jenny.

So it leaves my vapid mind to wonder, why waste your time on a shallow, tasteless mooch? And not only to spend your valuable time reading my nonsense, but then also write to me about it. I get one of these emails a day. Maybe it’s the blonde bleach distorting my thought process, or let’s even blame the restylane. I just can’t comprehend why waste the time.