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September 7th, 2008 No Comments

Made it to the gym 8 this morning and ducked into the spin room for an hour and a half. When I emerged hot, sweaty, and ready to hit the weights I see this hurdle in my way! How is this fair? A plate of cookies and carbs in the middle of the gym! I see the nice gesture, but why not some fresh juice and granola? Then as I passed they asked me if I had done my “Equifit.” I knew it a sales gimmic, typical of my gym. Just another reason I hate the Equinox on 33rd. They really don’t get it: weak instructors, a poor class schedule, and the spinning is pretty pathetic. The poor riders have no idea what they’re doing because the instructors don’t teach form or construct a decent ride. You know what I’m thinking at this point, I don’t have to see it. Ok, shower, makeup and then I’m off to the tents.