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September 14th, 2008 No Comments

Can’t sleep so I check my Outlook and Julia is sending over photos from today’s shoot.  And of course, she’s blogging away at 3:10am.  Click here for her fun photos.

Head To Toes:

  • Me -Walter, one of my favorite boutique brands
  • Jules – Balenciaga
  • Meghan – Thread
  • Mason – Bryna Nicole (my new fall bag) 

Rebecca did an amazing job styling the shoot (video to follow soon)

And finally… I LOVE CASA MONO.


Third location of the day, outside Casa Mono (52 Irving Place in Gramercy) – one of Meghan & Mary’s favorite date restaurants.  I think it’s cute, but as a pescatarian who rarely drinks, I’ve always felt that there wasn’t much for me on the menu there.  (Actually, I just checked hereand it seems like I could make do with a few things, albeit a limited number.  So.  Hmm!  I used to live quite close, but would always head next door to Pure Food & Wine instead.)