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September 14th, 2008 No Comments

One topic I didn’t write about much this week – the restaurants I visited.Per a reader’s request for more food commentary, here are my comments on the four places I indulged at this week:  Le Cirque, Babbo, Morimoto, and Sapporo East.

This experience was my first at Le Cirque.  I walked into a wine bar full of banker douchebags and women who were impeccably dressed.  I mean, dressed to a T, I wouldn’t change a thing.  If you’re looking to pick up a wealthy, arrogant rich guy, this would be the bar to grab a drink.  Just make sure you’re wearing something spectacular, otherwise, you’ll get eaten alive.

In the restaurant, the atmosphere is a little corporate and stuffy, but everyone seemed to be enjoying their group’s conversation.  As for the food…The new chef Christophe Bellanadid not disappoint me.  I ordered the cod wrapped in crispy potatoes (which I later learned is a Daniel Boulud dish) that was perfectly prepared.  To finish I ordered the chocolate souffle.  WRONG CHOICE.  Thank goodness my friend ordered the chocolate fondant which was gooey and spectacular.

Here’s what I would suggest Le Cirque for:

  • A celebration with a group
  • A man trying to impress his date
  • Corporate dinner with clients you can expense
  • Wine lovers who enjoy paring their favorite vinatges with sliders
  • Golddiggers looking to take a trip sometime soon