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September 17th, 2008 No Comments


You know I love the retro suits … but I also have to say, Zac Posen featured some of my favorite styling from the entire week.  I love the hair, and I have to say, the purple lipstick works (on the runway, at least). I also haven’t seen chandelier earrings for so long, and I think they’re terribly sexy and flattering on most – if not all – women.  I’d be pretty psyched if they were back in style, although I didn’t really see them on any other runway.

Mary, does this mean we can/should start wearing those huge earrings?

Readers?  What do you think?

God I love this suit.

To answer your question: As chunky jewelry is a favorite fall trend, you can definitely carry it into spring.  I would stay away from traditional chandelier earrings though, and go for something like these that make a bold statement.  Just remember, there is a fine line between looking chic and cheap.