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September 20th, 2008 No Comments

Tonight Kitty Ball and I dined at 8 Ounce Burger Bar.  My friend who manages it has been trying to get me in to taste the famous burger.  Of course the night I pop in, he’s out. But it’s not like he’s the one grilling, so we piled into a booth and began to parse the menu.

I gotta say, as I type, I don’t feel like I just ate a delicious, juicy, smoked beef burger. (You know, usually you’re stuffed and distraught with guilt.  I feel neither.)  Chef Govind Armstrong is not messing around with simplicity when it comes to a beef/turkey/veggie patty.   Each bite packs a punch of flavor.  Interesting additions (all organic) like grilled balsamic red onions provide even more depth to the perfectly packaged sandwiches. It’s almost like drinking good wine: in one mouthful there are so many things going on to experience and appreciate. Click here for the menu.

You can wear jeans and a white T to enjoy the meal, but you might want to spruce a little.  The crowd is trendy and good looking.  With the 80’s rock in the background creating a fun vibe, you never know who you could meet.

8 Ounce – 7661 Melrose (@Stanley) in Weho 323-852-0008 (Walkins only for small reservations.)