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September 22nd, 2008 No Comments

Mary: … that was before you ditched me at the Esquire party.

Me: I didn’t ditch you! I lost you in the crowd, and then Clinton spoke and you were gone.

Mary: I couldn’t even hear him from the back.

Me: He didn’t say much. I just wanted to sleep with him.

Mary: You wanted to SLEEP with him?!

Me: Sure! To say I’d done it? Absolutely.

Mary: Way to be a cliche.

Me: I’ve been a cliche my entire life. Why stop now?

Mary: HAHAHA. You have to blog that.

Me = JA

After my spin classes yesterday, Jules and I caught up as I watched her eat a salad. Yes, you heard that right, a salad. And not egg salad. Salad with actual lettuce and veggies. She’s reallly making a strong attempt to eat healthy. I’m so proud of her!