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September 24th, 2008 No Comments

I told Richard (who I came up to me to chat about my dress) that I thought “that” woman had the best dress of the evening. ¬†He said, “Who Mercedes Bass? ¬†Well then you have to meet her. ¬†She’s the biggest donor to the Met.”

As shock took over my body, I had no time to object before Richard stepped into her group and said, “Mercedes, you must meet Mary Rambin. She’s a style blogger.” ¬†With smile she responded, “Well, hello.”¬†

The woman next to her then turned to me and I realized, oh shit, I just interrupted the Queen of England!! “Hello, I’m Helen Mirren.”

Neither one objected to a picture. ¬†Mercedes knew she looked stunning in her Oscar de La Renta Gown as did Helen in Zac Posen. ¬†(I’m betting that if that jacket is also ZP, it was made specifically for Helen.)

Here’s what happened next:

Mercedes: Where will that picture be Richard?

Richard: NonSociety.com

Mercedes: What?

Richard: NonSociety. ¬†It’s tongue in cheek.

Mercedes: Do you have a card Mary?

Me: Of course.  It was a pleasure to meet you both.

Richard: (as we walk away)  She likes to stay in the know.

I have to say, for being the belle of the ball and the largest benefactor, she was one of the nicest people there.

FUN FACT: Oscar de la Renta was furious he wasn’t asked to design for one of the three operas. ¬†Apparently he also donates a substantial amount of cash and to not receive an invitation to participate was insulting. ¬†I can understand that…..