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September 30th, 2008 No Comments


When I’m not whipping up meals even a child could throw together,  I enjoy other people cooking for me :)

This week I went to Peasant in NoLita.  With all of the rave reviews, it’s become a NYC staple for Italian.  That’s actually quite a feat with Italian restaurants on every corner.

There are two parts to Peasant: a cozy, clean and comfortable restaurant that never seems to be full, and the cavernous wine cellar below.  The cool kids eat downstairs at communal tables.  The dark small space is very welcoming with Coldplay and Radiohead playing in the background, but after you squeeze onto a hard wobbly bench and hunch over a super skinny table you wonder if maybe the cave is too cool for you.

Both the wine list and menu are short but respectable.  We snacked on the meat plate to start, followed up with mozzarella and speck and a simple argula and Parmesan salad, and finished with cured tuna and skate.  Buttery and light, the skate was delicious!  As full as I was, there was no way I was leaving without the bread pudding that makes friends’ mouths water at the mention of it.  Let me tell you, they were right.  Totally worth the tummy pain afterwards.

Overall, it was a good experience, but I can’t say a NYC MUST.  We were all in agreement Peasant would be a good date restaurant as it’s affordable,good food in a mellow, trendy atmosphere.  But for a date, I think I would recommend Little Owl or Casa Mono first.