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October 5th, 2008 No Comments

Tonight I’m off to New York’s Funniest Reporter stand up comedy contest  at Gotham Comedy Club (208 W 23rd between 7th and 8th).

I was invited to participate a few months ago, but….I was scared!!! Stand up is NOT easy.  Writing a cohesive set of jokes that actually makes people laugh, holy shit that’s hard. Next year, I’m going for it.  After a little guidance from a couple professionals and some practice, I think I could make you giggle.  If not, I’ll just strip. That is sure to get a laugh. HAHA. 

(Side note: I used to date a comedian, I find them incredibly sexy.  Kinda like a musician performing fetish I guess.  If you can find one that’s actually sexy, now that’s a keeper.  But most of them have to rely on their talents to get laid.)

Oh right, my Head to Toe:

  • Huit Huit scarf
  • Mossimo knit top with Yummie Tummie cami underneath
  • Purple Blank jeans from Intermix
  • Manolos (I considered booties, but these looked too good, despite the fact it’s a Sunday)
  • And introducing one of my two new winter jackets, a YSL short hooded trench.  A major find on the clearance rack this summer.  It was a steal! Get accustomed to it, you’ll be seeing it often.