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October 6th, 2008 No Comments

Goodie Bag Giveaway

I gotta say, I’m impressed.  You sent in some truly jaw-dropping images.  Fashion no one will wear that costs more than my rent for the year.  LOVE IT!

Above is a look from Galliano. You never know where his head is (apparently the reporters were perplexed even after he explained his inspiration), but you have to love the spectacle.  Just to let you know, your submissions blew this out of the water. 

It was VERY difficult for me to make a decision.  You wrote very convincing arguments…and then pulled at my heart strings with your stories of ramen noodle dinners. Not fair.  But actually it is, I’ve been there.  Broke college life is a rite of passage. 

Tomorrow night I will post your collection along with comments, and THE winner of my front row schwag bag.