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October 7th, 2008 No Comments

D&G (submitted by starved fashionista Vicky)

Beautiful, trendy, and definitely ready to wear.  Although my advice Vicky, eat now and shop later.  There will be a new dress next season and you might have made a little cash saved up in that time :)

Again, not the show-stopper from this show and RTW.  Sorry I can’t help you out Vicky.


I’m always adding things to my already too-full closet, and as a result I’m continually going broke or spending my paycheck on clothes and bags and shoes instead of things like fruit and bread (oops, possibly more important?).

Overall, this dress is just ridiculously fabulous. I would love to wear it (to where? I’m not sure) and make it my own (oh! If only!), but I guess for now I’ll just have to day-dream about spending late springs and early summers on vaycay in Saint-Tropez , and wearing nautical striped rompers, and airy maxi-dresses (hopefully the aforementioned one) while frolicking around the beaches (hahahahh, maybe I should start saving now. Or just use my scholarship money [joke]!).