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October 7th, 2008 No Comments


Dolce and Gabbana RTW (submitted by Sarah)

Wow, beautiful.  I feel like I’ve seen this before, but I don’t care, it’s really lovely.  And I can only imagine how intricate each flower is up close.  Damn, am I missing the front row…No, not yet.

I do love this dress, but I don’t think it’s the most noteworthy of the collection.  A final note: when entering a dress for a “jaw-dropping” contest, do not even consider Ready To Wear.  They are trying to sell, not stun their audience. 

For Sarah this dress is stunning because it suits her personal style.  And that connection with the clothes will win you over every time.  Sarah says:

Between the gloom and doom on Wall Street and the news of the “bailout” being at the top of every paper in the country, this has been a fairly depressing week.  This dress felt like a breath of fresh air.  Actually, it felt like a breath of elegant, rose-scented, magical, fairy princess fresh air.  It looks decadent and beautiful—like no one bothered to tell the designers that the economy is in a crisis.  I love it.  On a more fashion-focused note, I enjoy the juxtaposition of the  structured corset-style top with the feminine flowers and frills.

Brilliant point Sarah.  Let’s just hope the designers stay in business until next year.  These spectacles aren’t cheap!