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October 8th, 2008 No Comments

Last night a friend and I dined at Lure Fish Bar on the corner of Prince and Mercer in Soho.  I’ve passed by it a million times while shopping or on my way to meet Megs at Zoe, so I was excited to finally see what they have going on down there.

Pretty cool stuff actually.  Outdated decor, but a fun, young, Soho scene.  The food didn’t disappoint either.  I would have preferred more crab in my crab cake, but the Pan-seared sole was exactly what I wanted: simple and not TOO healthy.

Overall, a laid back spot to hit up when you’re not looking to be seen but want a fun scene.  If you want to up your game on the same corner: Zoe has better food but no atmosphere whatsoever (which is kinda why I like it) and Mercer Kitchen which is definitely more trendy but the food is appalling.

(Yes, I went to dinner during the debates.  Don’t worry, I’m catching up on CNN.com today.  Plus watching those guys in HD is just scary.)