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October 10th, 2008 No Comments

Readers wanted to offer their two cents about the online photo albums as well.  Here are their suggestions:

  • Blurb – “The site you recommended seems VERY pricey compared to this one. They let you choose from softcover, hardcover and hardcover with a dust jacket. All templates and layouts are personalizable, and they start at about $13….[although] the program is a little putzy.”
  • Animotoupload whatever photos you want, choose some music, give it a few minutes, and you’ve got your own personalized digital album with cool transitions paced to great music.” 

A rep for PhotoBucket also saw the post.  She tells me:

“We’re the #1 photo site on the web…To begin, anything that is uploaded to the site or that you find on the site comes with HTML code, IMG code, and a direct link URL. This makes it incredibly easy to embed and share your images and videos. On top of that we have tools such as our image editor…a Scrap booking feature..and have partnered with Qoop for a variety of photo products, including calendars, books, t-shirts, and mugs.”