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Magnifying Mascara

October 10th, 2008 No Comments


I’ve realized my “daytime” and “nighttime” lashes need to be different.  It started with my new obsession for Mac Plush Mascara, but it was too thick and tranny for daytime hours. My favorite Revlon Lash Fantasy runs out in three days, but I’m obsessed with the white curling primer it comes with.  And finally, I had barely been using the Body Shop Define and Lengthening Mascara because it just seemed to paint my lashes black without curl or thickness.

My conclusion: use them all but at different times.  This might seem elementary, but I’ve always been a one tube kinda gal.  This is SO MUCH BETTER.

DAYTIME: Revlon primer with Body Shop Mascara for a long, natural look.

EVENING: Revlon primer with Mac Plush Mascara for a thicker lash and in the dim light, not tranny at all.

A little more expensive than a single tube, but trust me, it makes all the difference.  Especially if you can’t apply fake lashes (which I can’t), so the Mac Plush Mascara is a God-send.