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October 10th, 2008 No Comments

If I wrote this you would crucify me!

But I totally agree.

G – you would look hot in a paper sack with sequins and fringe.  Rock it girl. We look forward to pictures.  Maybe video….


After seeing this photo of the girls from Mad Men looking amazing in Mens Vogue I decided I had to find myself a Herve Leger-esque dress.  Betty’s dress is my favourite (far right).

I found a real Leger today but they are way too expensive.  So then I found a very good pretendy-Leger in…….Bebe a.k.a. The Slut Store.  Ugh, I wouldn’t normally even go in there.  Anyway, I will wear it at some point during my stay in Vegas so you can be the judge of how nice/slutty/similar to Leger it is.