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October 13th, 2008 No Comments

Yesterday, Jordan and I indulged in the New York Wine and Food Festival.  A huge tent filled with unlimited wine, decadent food, and everything else you’re not supposed to consume, I’m in!  He’s an actual foodie and trying to teach me the ropes of being a food and wine snob.  Thus far, he’s done a good job, but I’m always open to learning more.

This Head to Toe is sponsored by the crazy, cracked out candy land constructed by Target.  No idea what this has to do with wine, but if you fork over enough cash, I guess you can put up whatever you want.

  • Gucci sunnies
  • Charlotte Russe cami
  • Missoni cardigan
  • J Brand jeans
  • American Eagle flats
  • Mason dog

Jordan’s Head to Toe:

  • Blinde sunnies
  • VelvetMen T
  • Joe’s jeans
  • Ralph Lauren belt
  • Nike dunks