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Dear Julia,

October 16th, 2008 No Comments


So you and Mary and Meghan are always raving about blueprint cleanse. Are there detoxing alternatives for us girls who don’t live in NYC?  And what about for those of us who are on a student budget? Any tips are appreciated!


I would like to very quickly clarify something…

I have not done the BluePrint cleanse. The will power needed to complete the 3 or 5 days is beyond me, especially with my exercise schedule.  Not to mention I am a serious bitch when my blood sugar gets too low.  Let me put it to you this way, I’m scarier than Julia on the NuvaRing.

A few months ago, I did complete the L.O.V.E. Fast (which stands for Live Organic Vegan Experience).  L.O.V.E. has 4 programs (Easy, Fast, Deep, and More) that are more hearty and substantial than a cleanse.  The juices are all very pulpy and filling.  Salads are also incorporated into the diets as well.  Most of the time, I couldn’t finish all of the juice, and I’m a big eater. That being said, I did quarantine myself to the house for that time as to not be tempted.  At $350 for the week ($50 rebate when all bottles are returned), it’s still pricey, but a great way to kick start a healthy diet.

Back to the reader’s question: with a little online research, you can find healthy cleanses and recipes to do it yourself, which will save money.  But be realistic, and start easy.  Starving yourself is not the way to get healthy, you’ll just mess up your metabolism and gain any weight you lost plus some.

Best of luck!