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October 16th, 2008 No Comments

Over Gawker sure, but in person, not yet!!  Last night was my first introduction to THE Emily Brill.

When she introduced herself, I was caught off guard.  In all honesty, I didn’t recognize her…at all.  She’s smaller in person than she seems on Gawker. (Like that’s saying much.) Plus, I had no idea she was attending, and apparently she questioned whether I would be there at all.

We chatted a bit about her upcoming gala season which she’s stressed out about.  I can’t relate so I just smiled and nodded.

Post event she hounded me to go to Rose Bar with her, but after the day I had, she would have had to cart me in a wheel barrow.  And I’m pretty sure the jack ass at the door doesn’t let in chicks on wheels.

This morning, I checked out her blog to see what she had been up to.   The My It Things invite was posted, but not necessarily to mention the event, more to snark on the invitation’s typos (which you know I can relate to).  It seems Emily is a NonSociety fan, but her readers are not.  And like all of my haters, they know EXACTLY what I’m doing and wearing at all times. Me with my tranny, top-heavy, anorexic body were laughing for a good ten minutes at the comments.  They are so much more articulate and specific than the Gawker freaks.

Great to meet you and your readers Emily!