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October 17th, 2008 No Comments


My friend sent me the link to this site. Absolutely hysterical!

It’s kinda like Twitter for people chained to their desk.  They write in what they’re thinking and doing at any given moment. And they tell you THE HONEST TRUTH, I mean, NO holding back.  It’s anonymous it can get traced back to their cubicle.  Otherwise the unemployment rate would skyrocket and you couldn’t blame Bush.

Kinda reminds me of Georgina’s blog….but she’s more optimistic. Especially her latest post about the half sweater!

A few of my favorites from True Office Confessions:

“I’ve missed 3 days of work because I was in jail.  I lied and said I was in a car accident and they believed me.”

“I think my secretary is drunk.”

“It should be illegal to bring fish for lunch.”

“Sometimes I come to the ladies’ room to find the lights off and so I turn the lights on and discover someone is going number 2 in one of the stalls. Who poops in the dark, seriously? “