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October 20th, 2008 No Comments

Hehehe.  I knew the PC would make a comeback.  If you don’t feel like reading the details, let me give you the bottom line:


Even Mac-Geek Meghan can’t deny it :)


Does Dell have a chance at competing with the MacBook Air?

Survey says- YES!

Mary’s been itching to find out about the Dell’s new laptop, the Latitude E4200 & E4300that’s supposedly a competitor to the MacBook Air. It’s not released yet, but the specs look pretty darn good (that means a lot coming from a Mac FanGirl like me).

Here’s some highlights for you PC advocates to drool over:

-Both are tiny & light 12.1” (2.2 lbs) for the E4200 and 13.3” (3.3 lbs) for the E4300

-Notebooks will ship with Dell’s new Latitude On hardware. Contacts, calendar, email – etc. will open up directly on your laptop without firing up the whole system.

-Dell has created a more energy efficient algorithms to help stretch out the battery life up to 19 hrs.

-The expected starting price on these little babies is $1300 (a fraction of what the MacBook Air costs- sigh)