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Eating Gouda

October 20th, 2008 No Comments

I’m sitting in my kitchen eating Gouda cheese with almonds loving every bite, but feeling so guilty about it.

Meghan got me into Gouda a couples months ago, and until yesterday, I refused to let myself buy it for this very reason. The logic was that if it’s not around I can’t eat it. It would only be a treat when I’m at Meghan’s. Not sure what got into me yesterday, but I bought 0.31 lbs of Naturally Smoked Gouda (half is gone now).

This got me thinking…What happened to the days when a grilled cheese sandwich was a perfectly acceptable, guilt-free meal?! (My mom made the best grilled cheese). I mean, I know why cheese is bad, but sometimes I wish I didn’t. Or that it wasn’t bad at all!! Sigh. Off to the gym now…to work off the Gouda.