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October 21st, 2008 No Comments

Julia came back from Chicago bearing gifts today.

Awww, Jules, you shouldn’t have!

Let’s see what you brought:

  • Ultra-Longevity: The Seven Step Program to a Younger, Healthier You
  • NutriMin C Hydrating Cleanser
  • EVP3 Hair Renewal Treatment: For Thinning Hair – Fine, Weak or Chemically Damaged Hair
  • A Dallas Cowboys cheerleader because I’m “from that state”

She said, “I actually bought this hair stuff at a salon.  It’s very expensive.  I haven’t used it and (in that motherly tone) I think you should write about it.”

Not to say that I am….but this lends a strong argument as to why I might come off as passive aggressive sometimes.

But just so you’re understanding me, I will try the hair stuff, and I’m happy she gave it to me.  Not sure what happened to  the little hair I had….I was watching a video from my first round of extensions, and I used to have twice as much hair.  Guess I should have waited the allotted month before round two.  Oh well, I’ll be hairless for the holidays.  It’s not like their are any parties to go to.