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October 24th, 2008 No Comments

New feature on the blog!

Test Drive = an introduction to new products I have received** and will incorporate into my daily regime. 

Finish Line = my genuine, honest-to-God opinion of the product.

Basically, I’m your crash test dummy.  I’m excited about it now…but I’m going to be hesitant about continuing if my hair turns pink or my nose falls off.

**I’m getting a lot of beauty products for free these days, so I promise to consider the price when I give you my thoughts.  I mean, La Mer is great, but who’s gonna pay a couple hundy for face cream?

UPDATE: Reader Jasmine says, “Me! I’ve gone through three things of the La Mer and I won’t go back. I wish I could use something less expensive but it’s the best stuff!”

Alrighty then.

Hopefully, recession or not, I can prove you wrong.  Damn gina.