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October 27th, 2008 No Comments

Today’s TMI – ASS!

Not how I’m going to get one, but how you can convince a guy to sleep over at your place instead of ALWAYS GOING TO HIS.  Julia calls it: The Apartment Sleepover Selector.

Here’s my A.S.S.  Just as with my real ass, it ain’t looking good for me.

  • Proximity:  I live in Murray Hilly, so unless I’m dating someone who lives downtown, I would actually get the 4 points for this.
  • Early Bird:  Working from home, I always lose this one.
  • Travel time: Again, I lose working from home.
  • Transportation:  The 6 train only goes up and down the east side, and should I mention the crosstown bus, I lose all points immediently. 
  • Comfort:  The nail in the coffin! My apartment is big, but with a dog, roommate, and no heat or AC in my bedroom, I don’t have much of an argument.