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October 27th, 2008 No Comments


Tonight’s meal was inspired by this thought, ”What can I make with all of the stuff left over in my fridge?”

There is no name for this dish, it’s just simple and healthy.

  • Ground turkey breast cooked in a pan with chopped onion and any available spices.
  • Broccoli is better when boiled on the stove top, but who has time for that! I put my covered glass pot in the micro and cooked it in under 4 minutes. (Note: I add garlic to the water.) Drain and put in bowl.
  • Drain turkey, add left over marinara and a little heat.
  • Pour turkey over broccoli.

Not too shabby honestly.  After the gym, it was everything I needed.

Did I mention the glass of wine….

P.S. I had whole wheat pasta at my disposal, but I was trying to be a good girl.  After I finished off the entire bowl, I had a few pita chips.  Oops!! I tried :)