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October 29th, 2008 No Comments


Caroline & I apparently both got a “Paint Your Nails Hot Pink” memo this week (my hands are sleeveless).

Mine is Nars, not sure of the exact name of color.  Will get back to you on it!

See the ring I’m wearing on my right index finger?  That’s the friendship ring Mary gave Meghan, Megan and me after we launched TMI Weekly.  It reminds me of the love that started this whole thing.  Oh, cheesy cheesy barf, right?  But you know what, there’s enough shit we go through that it’s nice to look down and remember that we have each other.

The ring is from a line called CelebStyleJewelry that makes QUALITY faux bling.  The stones are cz’s in a sterling silver setting for $30 each.  The fake ones will have to do for now, but after NS takes off, I’m replacing them with REAL ones :)

No comment on pink nails.