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October 29th, 2008 No Comments

A reader sent me this video of Sarah Palin giving her Head To Toe insisting that Palin should give me credit!  Very cute reader.  You should send a letter to Donna Karan as well (wonder how the CLICK bag is doing with her label on it these days.)

Back to the issue….

Poor Palin is having to describe her clothes in her defence.  Meet the Press (or was it the Wall Street Journal review afterwards) was harping on her for spending too much on make up and clothes. 

Personally I find this ridiculous.  And I’ll tell you why.  If she showed up in an old suit with normal makeup on, viewers watching HD would be just as critical. I can hear it now…”The possible President can’t even put herself together, now we expect her to unite our country and bring us out of the recession?”  And how foolish to believe Obama and McCain aren’t being “dressed” by stylists as well. 

Furthermore, Palin might be spending thousands on makeup, but meanwhile Obama is spending MILLIONS on prime time television even though he’s ahead in the poles.

Let the woman wear her clothes in peace.  I know the parties pay for them, but it just seems like a cost of doing business.