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October 30th, 2008 No Comments

Dessert was also different and delicious.  What was the best you ask??  Surprisingly, that little ice cream sandwich (the flavor I can’t recall) with the caramel dipping sauce beat out the molten cake. 

But you know us, there wasn’t a morsel left by the time we were through…which only took about 6 minutes.

At the end of this evening’s feast, I couldn’t wait to tell you about Merkato 55.  It reminded me of my love for Mercat, the tapas spot on Bond street (NOT just because of the name).  Why deal with the noise at Bagatelle, the douchebags at STK, or the fair-weather fare at Buddakan??  Enjoy the food and fun at Merkato 55 and leave the Wall Street warriors to their models and martinis.