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October 31st, 2008 No Comments

It’s 6:56 in the morning and I’m awake….for reasons I wish not to discuss.  I’ll tell you this much, it’s not worth the bags under my eyes the glorious light of day is sure to magnify. I went to bed at 3, so this will be a lovely test for my new Stila concealer.

I’m trying to use one of my favorite albums to sing me back to sleep.  But I should have known Damien would have the opposite effect.  I enjoy the music too much and am now listening to each word.

Here’s the worst part, I always find new meaning in the lyrics depending on where I am in my life. If you know this album, you understand that’s not a good pleasant experience.

My mind is now in a place I should not have lead it to.

Never underestimate the power of music.