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November 3rd, 2008 No Comments

Today I’m starting the L.O.V.E. Fast for the second time.

Let me set the record straight:  THIS IS THE THIRD CLEANSE I HAVE EVER DONE IN MY LIFE.  The first was a juice cleanse I tried to do myself which was a bust. And the second was this one.

I posted videos of my progress and of course the infamous colonicreceived endured got purchased got during the cleanse.  The juice regimen wasn’t easy, but by no means was it painful.

Julia and Meghan are huge fans of the BluePrint Cleanse.  I’ve tried the juices, and they’re actually very tasty.  But they aren’t hearty.  They’re just juice.  Not gonna lie, this scares me.  When I start something, I want to finish. Honestly, I’m just not confident I could complete 5 days of pure juice.  Julia and Meghan, on the other hand, they’re happy as clams by the end, like they’ve never felt better.  I think this one of the “to each his own” situations.  But, once I am in Houston and comfortable, I will give BluePrint a shot.

The LOVE Fast is 5 days of very pulpy, hearty juices/smoothies (one bottle pictured above) and one small, raw salad.  Some days, I can barely finish the whole round.

After a couple months of big meals, delicious wines, rich desserts, and Macallan night caps, it’s time to flush it out and start anew before the holidays.

Here are the benefits of doing it pre-holiday:

  1. You look better.  Yes, you lose weight, but your skin also glows from all of the nutrients.
  2. Your appetite is suppressed. So you can eat everything you want, but you’ll be satisfied with only a few bites.
  3. After going through the whole thing, you’re going to be more conscious of diet and exercise.  You did it, might as well keep it up, right?
  4. If you do splurge afterwards, you will lose all of the benefits of doing it. You know that, so you won’t.

Here goes!  I’m scheduling a colonic for Wednesday.  No,  I’m not looking forward to it, even though it’s not that bad.  But life is hard enough without not eating and having water shot up your ass right?!