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November 4th, 2008 No Comments

Off to the CNN Grill to live blog the end of a very long election day (for those of you who had to wait in line.  Love the absentee ballot!)

As you can see, Julia was able to persuade us to dress up for the occasion.  Here’s how it went:

Julia:  So, we’re all going to wear red, white, and blue.

Me: No….Ugh. Okay.  What color am I wearing?

Julia:  What do you mean?  What color do you want to wear?

Me: Well, Meghan is going to choose red, I’m sure there is a top you want to wear, so I’m always stuck with the color no one wants.

Julia:  I have red, white, and blue blazers, so you’re choice!

Snap!  Who’s the biatch now.

Turns out, I don’t have an appropriate top in any color anyway.  Appropriate meaning a solid color v-neck blouse that is the only sure thing to look good on tv.  So, thank you to The Limited for saving my election outfit.

Head to Toe:

  • Maraquita Masterson earrings
  • The Limited button down blouse
  • Python belt from Encore!
  • Laundry pants
  • Jimmy Choo Shoes
  • (Red patent clutch provided by Heft for the picture so I look more Democratic)