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November 5th, 2008 No Comments

Yes, it’s Eddie Izzard.  One of my FAVORITE comedians of all time!

I think you know I don’t get star struck often.  My last battle with shaky knees was with Alan Cumming.  But usually I’m pretty composed.

For some reason tonight, I just didn’t have the nerve (must be the damn juice cleanse).  Of course Julia was not going to let him pass me by.  Grabbing me by the hand high school-style, she drags me over to his table (which is right next to ours), and gives him a tap.

Julia:  Hello, I’m Julia Allison.  This is Mary Rambin.

Eddie: Hello.

Julia: Mary is a huge fan.  I have no idea who you are (laugh).

Eddie: I have no idea who I am.

Pretty sure my face turned beet red at this point.

Later he showed her pictures of his drag costumes just to make sure she wouldn’t forget him.  Her reaction was to immediately whip out the camera and get a picture with him “just in case.”