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L.O.V.E. vs. BluePrint Cleanses

November 6th, 2008 No Comments


After revisiting the L.O.V.E. Fast (Live Organic Vegan Experience), I realize, as hearty as it is, I don’t really enjoy most of the juices, soups, and the one small small salad I get per day.  I’m not drinking most of them because they just don’t taste good.  So after the delicious smoothie mid-day, I’m hungry for a good 8 hours afterwards.

On election night, I discussed the BluePrint cleanse with Julie, owner of Soul Cycle, and the girls.  After hearing their stories, I realized that despite the fact the juices are thin, I would probably be able to handle it.  Here’s why:

  • I LIKE the juices they send.  The green juice doesn’t have parsley which makes a huge difference for me.
  • There are enough juices to sustain me for a day.
  • The cashew milk at the end of the day (which is when I feel the hungriest, and most cranky) is DELICIOUS and would let me go to sleep in peace.

If you are aren’t a picky eater, the LOVE fast is great.  But, I just can’t handle all of the unfamiliar flavors.

Over the holidays, I’m going for Blue Print to supplement my diet and keep me healthy around all of the crap at the parties.  Further explanation of how and why using it to supplement your diet is healthy to come soon.